Sanderlings at Cape Ann, Massachusetts

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Cooper’s Hawk

Young Hummingbirds (in my previous post) aren’t the only juvenile visitors to my backyard. There was a family of Cooper’s Hawks nesting somewhere in the wooded area near my home. One or two would come close on occasion and there was a period when I could hear the young hawk begging food from the parents.Continue reading “Cooper’s Hawk”

Life Lessons

Birds have to learn their lessons, just like us. I photographed a young Ruby-throated Hummingbird trying to figure out my feeder. He or she was trying to get at the fluid from underneath instead of using the ports on the top. I guess it wasn’t paying attention to mom when she was using the feeder.Continue reading “Life Lessons”

Great Egrets

I watched some Great Egrets hunting for small fish and caught some of the action with my camera. Great Egrets, like herons, stand still or move very slowly as they wait for their prey to get close enough to snatch with a quick thrust of their head. This Egret prowled the edge of a tidalContinue reading “Great Egrets”

Feathered Vagrant

We think of a vagrant as someone, who by circumstance or choice, is a wanderer who often lives by begging. A vagrant bird is one who is found outside its normal wintering or breeding areas. Scientists aren’t certain about why some individual birds wander so far afield. It may be a storm system that drivesContinue reading “Feathered Vagrant”


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  1. Nice action photos with beautiful detail and the ability to enlarge them for more detail. Nature keeps us centered. Glad you appreciate it too.


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