Sanderling, Parker River NWR

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Shorebirds and Friends

Shorebirds continue to migrate through the coastal marshes and beaches. I photographed seven different species in one location. And I would not be surprised if I missed a species or two. Some species look very much alike. Also, these are very active birds that move around a lot. The smallest sandpipers that we see areContinue reading “Shorebirds and Friends”

Successful Capture

I have been trying to spot a Scarlet Tanager all season and finally spotted not one, but two. The males are a vivid red with black wings and tail. I think they are even brighter red than Cardinals. Here are some other recent sightings. This Northern Flicker, a large woodpecker, was looking for his favoriteContinue reading “Successful Capture”


It was a cloudy day but I got a chance to photograph some shorebirds. I’ve been seeing lots of Piping Plovers since they nest on the Parker River NWR. Now other shorebirds are migrating through the area after breeding in northern Canada. But before I get to the pictures, I have a tern picture toContinue reading “Shorebirds”


Life can be tough sometimes. Courtship has an unhappy ending on occasion. Least Tern courtship is initiated by the male bringing a fish to the female that has caught his eye. Romance ensues if she is impressed by him and his gift. But it is a sad day for this male when she rejects hisContinue reading “Rejected”


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  1. Nice action photos with beautiful detail and the ability to enlarge them for more detail. Nature keeps us centered. Glad you appreciate it too.


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