Sanderlings at Cape Ann, Massachusetts

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More Sightings

I saw several other bird species while photographing the Black Guillemot (see previous post). Here’s a few of them. The ocean was pretty rough with the nor’easter having just moved off our coast. People on the Pacific Coast would probably consider this just a little rough though! Black Scoters were riding the swells close to…

Black Guillemot

The Black Guillemot is a fairly common alcid in areas where it breeds. This includes Maine in the US, eastern Canada, Greenland, Scotland and Scandinavia. The alcids include Murres, Razorbills, Dovekies and the well-known Puffins. The Guillemot ventures a bit further south in the winter and we sometimes get to see it here in Massachusetts.…

Chickadee and Nuthatch

We seem to be in a quiet time for bird sightings. And the weather has been unsettled after a relatively mild winter. In fact, I worked on this post during our latest nor’easter that is turning out to be the biggest snowfall of the winter. So I haven’t had as many photography opportunities as I…


The Merlin is a small falcon. They are smaller than a Crow, about 9.5-12 inches (24-30cm) long. They have a very streaky chest, white bands in the tail and a stocky build. They lack the strong “mustache” marking that other falcons possess. They are fast, agile fliers and fierce hunters, taking small birds in flight.…


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  1. Nice action photos with beautiful detail and the ability to enlarge them for more detail. Nature keeps us centered. Glad you appreciate it too.


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