Sanderlings at Cape Ann, Massachusetts

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Summer Resident – Common Yellowthroat

My favorite summer warbler is the Common Yellowthroat. I am always on the lookout for a chance to catch them in the open for some photographs. They tend to stay deep in the low vegetation in wet areas and are in constant motion. Sometimes you only hear their “wichity-wichity-wichity” call and never get a clear…

Summer Resident – Yellow Warbler

Most wood warblers head into Canada for the summer but a few spend the summer in my area of New England. The brightly colored Yellow Warbler is one of them. You often hear their sweet whistled song before you see them. They flit around in the foliage in typical warbler style as they hunt for…

Summer Resident – American Redstart

The American Redstart is a sparrow-sized warbler that spends the summer breeding season in most of Canada (except prairies) and most of the US east of the Mississippi River. The exceptions are the Gulf Coast, Georgia and the coastal plains of the Carolinas. They migrate to Central America, the Caribbean and the northern part of…

Migrant – Palm Warbler

Palm Warblers migrate through our area in May as they head to their breeding grounds in Canada that stretch from Alberta to the Maritimes. They only breed in the northern portion of Maine and the southern shore of Lake Superior in the US. They winter along the US coast from North Carolina to Texas, the…


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  1. Nice action photos with beautiful detail and the ability to enlarge them for more detail. Nature keeps us centered. Glad you appreciate it too.


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