Sanderling, Parker River NWR

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Quiet Times

Bird activity has slowed quite a bit but there are still photo ops every time I go out with my gear. These are some recent sightings. There are some sea ducks beginning to appear off the coast but the real duck action has been on the ponds. This is a male Mallard that is stillContinue reading “Quiet Times”

Some End of Summer Photos

The heat, humidity and rain have left us, at least for a while. Now I’m looking forward to some early fall outings in New England’s best season. These are some recent photographs that I like and want to share in the meantime. I was trying to get a decent ID photo of a Night HeronContinue reading “Some End of Summer Photos”

Raptor Morning

A cloudy morning between rainy spells turned out to be a raptor-fest. The salt pannes (water filled depressions in the salt marsh) were full of shorebirds pausing on their migration. There were also a large group of egrets and a few swans and geese. One of our group spotted a young Bald Eagle approaching theContinue reading “Raptor Morning”

Another Heat Wave

Summer continues to be extra wet and extra hot. But the hardcore photographers and birders are out there anyway. The tide was coming in and starting to cover the mud flats near the mouth of the Merrimack River. We hoped to find some interesting shorebirds before the rising water forced them to move. The areaContinue reading “Another Heat Wave”


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One thought on “Blog

  1. Nice action photos with beautiful detail and the ability to enlarge them for more detail. Nature keeps us centered. Glad you appreciate it too.


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