Mid-July: On the Water

Shorebirds start to migrate through our coastal area this time of year. And new duck families appear. I photographed some of the new arrivals in the past week. Semi-palmated Sandpipers are common: The Killdeers (left) breed here. The Least Sandpiper in the foreground on the right is somewhat common. These photos of a Sanderling inContinue reading “Mid-July: On the Water”

Bird Feeders – The Bigger Birds

More photos from the lazy photographer sitting on his porch. These are the larger birds that visit the feeders. Two of the most colorful are Northern Cardinals and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks. I have two pairs of each in the area. I know because there is a kerfuffle when the two males show up at the sameContinue reading “Bird Feeders – The Bigger Birds”