Winter Resident – Purple Sandpiper

I couldn’t get out this week due to other commitments and rainy weather. I did take advantage of the break to continue cleaning up the files from 2022. This provided a chance to revisit some nice finds. These photos were taken last March and a couple of the pictures appeared in a post back then.Continue reading “Winter Resident – Purple Sandpiper”

Winter Visitor – Horned Grebe

Horned Grebes are another winter visitor that breeds in northern inland areas but inhabits our shores during the winter season. In the summer they live in interior Alaska, Yukon and Northwest Territories, as well as eastern British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and western Manitoba. They migrate to the coasts in the winter and are found onContinue reading “Winter Visitor – Horned Grebe”

Winter Visitor – Surf Scoter

Three varieties of sea ducks called scoters winter along our coast. The Surf Scoter is the most colorful of the three. These are photos taken of a raft of about 3 dozen Surf Scoters feeding just off the shore. They were appropriately riding the surf and regularly dove to look for shellfish and crabs. TheContinue reading “Winter Visitor – Surf Scoter”