Migrants – Green-winged Teal

Green-winged Teals are the smallest dabbling ducks in North America. They have small bills and a short neck. This adds to their petite look. Their breeding range is Canada and the very northern US. There is also a small breeding area here in northeastern Massachusetts so we see them in the summer. But they areContinue reading “Migrants – Green-winged Teal”

Migrants – Black-bellied Plover

Many shorebirds migrate through our area. Black-bellied Plovers breed along the Arctic Ocean and then migrate to as far south as the Caribbean and South America. We in Massachusetts live just a bit north of their most northerly wintering area so seeing one after late autumn is a rare sight. This is a young PloverContinue reading “Migrants – Black-bellied Plover”

Sharp-shinned Hawk

Sharp-shinned Hawks are an Accipiter, a large group of hawks generally called “sparrowhawks” in Eurasia and includes goshawks. They have short, broad wings and a long tail that make them highly maneuverable. The Sharp-shinned Hawk is a forest hunter and uses this maneuverability to hunt down small birds. They are a small hawk. The malesContinue reading “Sharp-shinned Hawk”