Migrants – Raptors

It’s not just warblers, hummingbirds and shorebirds that we observe migrating. Hawks, eagles and falcons migrate into, out of and through eastern Massachusetts as well. These are some photographs of recent sightings. Peregrine Falcons are long distance migrants, although a few do reside here year round. But those are the exception as most migrate fromContinue reading “Migrants – Raptors”

Migrants – Yellowlegs and Dowitchers

Two types of shorebirds that migrate through our area have something in common. Each has two species that are very hard to differentiate in the field. There are two species of Yellowlegs, Greater and Lesser. The Greater is larger and its bill is longer in relation to the head. Size is hard to judge unlessContinue reading “Migrants – Yellowlegs and Dowitchers”