On the Pier…A Spectator and a Pirate

I went to the Jodrey State Fish Pier while in Gloucester on my recent visit. There were Mergansers and Eiders swimming near the pier. And hundreds of gulls. No surprise there since the pier is home to seafood facilities and fishing boats that deliver fish and pick up fuel and bait. I want to spotlightContinue reading “On the Pier…A Spectator and a Pirate”

November Sightings, Part 2

Moving from the inland areas to the shore. A few shorebirds stay along the coast all winter here but most migrate through as they head for the southern US, Caribbean or Central and South America. This Black-bellied Plover and these White-rumped Sandpipers are migrants who have lingered a bit. The Dunlin toughs it out withContinue reading “November Sightings, Part 2”