I am a retired software engineer and biologist. I live in northeastern Massachusetts and do most of my birding here as well as in Maine and Vermont. I have a number of hobbies and activities that fill my time but I like to share two in particular: birding and photography.

Mike Densmore

This site was created to share some of my favorite photos and experiences while exploring nature. The focus is on birds but other denizens of our shared environment will show up as well. I am not a professional photographer and I am not selling photos. I post what I have enjoyed seeing and capturing with my camera in hopes others will enjoy it too.

Comments are welcome; good, bad or in between. I only ask that you be aware that I want this site to be child-friendly and welcoming to everyone.

As I mentioned, I am not a professional. Nor am I selling anything. But I do like to maintain ownership of my photos. Please don’t grab them from the site. Email me if you really like something and I can probably give you a better copy. The ones on the site have been cut down to save space and have a watermark.