Winter Visitor – Common Eider

The Common Eider is the largest duck in the Northern Hemisphere. It is definitely common since it breeds all along the northern Alaska and Canada coasts, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Scandinavia, Russia and Siberia. The don’t migrate very far but they do come as far south as our coast and in good numbers. They are probablyContinue reading “Winter Visitor – Common Eider”

Winter Visitor – Long-tailed Duck

Long-tailed Ducks breed in Siberia, Greenland, Iceland and in Alaska and Canada along the Arctic Ocean. The Massachusetts coast is among the places that they spend the winter. They winter along the west coast of North America from Washington State up to the south coast of Alaska and the Aleutians. On the east coast, theirContinue reading “Winter Visitor – Long-tailed Duck”

Winter Visitor – Snow Bunting

Snow Buntings breed in northern Canada and Alaska and then migrate to southern Canada and the northern US for the winter. They are a handsome bird and we all look forward to seeing them, especially in the dull days of winter. We see them close to the beaches here in Massachusetts since they like openContinue reading “Winter Visitor – Snow Bunting”