Some Small Bird Portraits

Here are some recent photos of smaller residents and migrants. I got wrapped up in the action series that I just posted and have been neglected these guys. Dark-eyed Junco ================================================================== Flycatcher =================================================================== Red-eyed Vireo ===================================================================== Swainson’s Thrush ================================================================== Yellow-bellied Sapsucker =============================================================== Northern Parula =========================================================== Ruby-crowned Kinglet ====================================================================== Chipping Sparrow ===================================================================== White-throated Sparrow ================================================================== SavannahContinue reading “Some Small Bird Portraits”

This tree ain’t big enough…

A birding buddy and I witnessed a real avian donnybrook the other day. We emerged from the woods next to a marsh and heard Blue Jays making a racket. Then we spotted a commotion in a big dead tree about 100 meters away. At first glance it appeared to be a raptor chasing another bird.Continue reading “This tree ain’t big enough…”

Foggy Morning Birding

I went out with a Massachusetts Audubon group recently. We followed the new Covid-19 protocol: maximum 10 people, masks, distancing, no shared equipment and no carpools. And we were always outside, of course. The morning started in the fog. It made identification difficult and photography even more difficult. This is what it looked like fromContinue reading “Foggy Morning Birding”