First Pirate Story of 2022

There are several species of birds that practice kleptoparasitism, parasitism by theft. They include Eagles, Corvids (Crows, Ravens, etc.) and, most famously, Gulls. Gulls will grab anything that they can, from anyone or anything they can. Kleptoparasitism is rightly called piracy. And anyone who follows this blog knows that I believe that all good storiesContinue reading “First Pirate Story of 2022”

More Ducks in the Cold

And now for the rest of the ducks. I returned to a nearby lake after photographing the Goldeneye in my previous post ( There was still a large area of open water but the ducks congregated on one end of the lake. Several species were mingled together. These are Hooded Mergansers (top: male and bottom:Continue reading “More Ducks in the Cold”