Gloomy Weather Birding…Better Weather Memories

We have been experiencing a run of cloudy, foggy, misty, rainy days lately, culminating with about 3 inches of snow. But the camera and I don our raincoats and head out anyway. (My K-70 is weather sealed but I don’t push it when there is a chance of significant rain!) The birds are out thereContinue reading “Gloomy Weather Birding…Better Weather Memories”

Mixed Bag of Sightings

There have been some cloudy and rainy days lately, bringing much needed rain but making photography a bit more difficult. But the birds are out and so am I. One nice find was a Bonaparte’s Gull attempting to snatch something from a Herring Gull. The photos in my earlier post (Bonaparte’s Gull) didn’t truly illustrateContinue reading “Mixed Bag of Sightings”