These are some photos of migrating Short-billed Dowitchers, along with two traveling companions. Long-billed Dowitchers, which are hard to distinguish from the Short-billed, are not very common here. A smaller Stilt Sandpiper joins the Dowitchers to forage for food. In the next photo, two Dowitchers are resting the background while a Black-bellied Plover does someContinue reading “Dowitchers”

Waterfowl: Local, Invasive and Rare

Sea Ducks only winter here in Massachusetts. However, many fresh water ducks breed here with Mallards probably being the most numerous. One of our other local breeding ducks is the Gadwall. This is a male displaying the small white patch on the wing. Mute Swans, on the other hand, are an invasive species. They wereContinue reading “Waterfowl: Local, Invasive and Rare”

Early Summer Birds – Part 2

I like to take photographs of birds in flight. It’s fun and challenging. But more often it is just a necessity. Birds aren’t out there trying to pose for me after all. Here’s a few examples starting with a Belted Kingfisher. I heard the chattering call coming closer and was hoping it would land somewhereContinue reading “Early Summer Birds – Part 2”