Early Summer Birds – Part 1

Sharing some recent sightings as migration slows and the residents settle in for the summer. This is a Cedar Waxwing carrying nest materials. People really like the soft colors with a couple of bold accents, the yellow tail tip and the red wax on the wings. The crest and black mask are a final touch. The red feather tips are a waxy secretion.

The Scarlet Tanager, like the Cardinal, has brilliant red plumage. At least the males do. The females are much less conspicuous. It really helps when you are sitting on the nest to be less noticeable! The female in the second photo doesn’t even look like the same species.

Red-eyed Vireos are constantly vocalizing. They are hard to spot as they move carefully through the canopy but you cannot miss their song. People use the mnemonic “Here I am! Where are you” to characterize it. I got a chance to photograph this one as it paused in an opening to sing.

And finally, looking like a little bandit or a feathered Zorro, the Common Yellowthroat is one of our resident warblers. They also tend to stay deep in the foliage and you hear them more often than see them. I never pass up an opportunity to photograph one when it pops out for a moment.

More late-May/early June photos coming.

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