Among the Reeds

There are a number of birds that nest and forage in and around the reeds that line the waterways here and elsewhere. Some of them can be hard to see since they tend to stay in those reeds. So it is a treat when one of them steps out, even for a quick look.

Marsh Wrens are quite common and they can be heard in most places with an abundance of reeds. Hearing them is much easier than actually seeing them. If you see them at all, it is a quick look as they move through the reeds or very briefly pop up for quick, short flight. This is a typical view:

Yes, just the reeds and grass. But there is that rare time when one decides to go higher up and do a little singing.

Least Bitterns are also difficult to see. They blend in so well with the foliage and hunt by standing very still. Sometimes they seem to get so focused on tracking fish that they don’t realize the have come out into open.

One more hard to spot reed resident: Virginia Rails. This Rail ran between patches of reeds and I was able to get photo.

And even better, it was followed by two chicks. They are pretty much invisible when they stay in the shadows.

The last bird doesn’t go into the reeds but is often around them. I included this Tricolored Heron because it is pretty uncommon in my area. They are plentiful along the US Gulf Coast but we are lucky to see one or two in a year in Massachusetts. He had a successful fishing expedition as you can see.

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