Early Summer Birds – Part 2

I like to take photographs of birds in flight. It’s fun and challenging. But more often it is just a necessity. Birds aren’t out there trying to pose for me after all. Here’s a few examples starting with a Belted Kingfisher. I heard the chattering call coming closer and was hoping it would land somewhere in view. Not a chance. It came zipping across the pond without stopping. I needed to settle for one or two non-blurry photos.

It was a somewhat similar situation with this Black-crowned Night Heron. I was looking for Bobolinks to photograph when something flying by caught my eye. My rule is shoot first and check later. It paid off.

In the case of these Barn Swallows, they just weren’t going to sit still. So burst mode produced a lot of photos of empty sky, partial views of birds and blurs. But there were a few decent pictures.

There wasn’t much challenge in getting this shot of a young Herring Gull with his stolen/scavenged crab. But I just couldn’t resist capturing a pirate!

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