Backyard Birdwatching Break

I needed a break from sitting at the computer while working on a couple of projects so I grabbed my backup camera and camping chair. Rather than sitting at a computer, I sat in a semi-concealed spot near the birdfeeders and recorded some of the visitors.

A House Finch is looking over the buffet.

There are two finch species that visit my feeders. These are a male Goldfinch and male House Finch.

If you have feeders in my area, you have Blue Jays. They can be a nuisance and bully the other birds but it isn’t too bad unless they show up in large numbers. And they have a habit of harassing hawks so they do pay for their meal in a way. This one seems to checking to see if I am around before coming in to have lunch.

A White-breasted Nuthatch grabs a hunk of suet and takes off to enjoy it in a more private spot.

A Hairy Woodpecker swoops in to get a bite.

The Hairy Woodpecker and Downy Woodpecker are almost identical in appearance. The Hairy is much larger and has a heavier bill. The size difference is obvious when they are close together.

I heard a “cak-cak-cak” call behind me and when I went to investigate I was able to get glimpse of a not-so-welcome visitor to the feeders, a Cooper’s Hawk. It left just after I took this photo. But it will likely grab one or two of my diners eventually. Nature can be harsh.

I’ll finish with pictures of two visitors to the feeders that anyone with a bird feeder in most of North America will recognize. They just come with territory: Chipmunk and Gray Squirrel.

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