It’s been cold and windy so field trips have been limited. It is January in New England after all. But I take advantage of any days I can and will post photos of what I find.

The wind was ruffling the feathers on this Gadwall. It was making life hard on we photographers as well. Trying to hold a long lens steady in a stiff wind is hard enough. When the wind chill is in the teens, it makes it even tougher.

The surf was up and this Long-tailed Duck was riding the waves.

Ducks, including these Red-breasted Mergansers, don’t seem to care about the temperatures. Just the ice since it keeps them from diving for food! Luckily there are places where the water is fast moving or brackish enough to stay open for them.

This Merganser apparently didn’t want his photograph taken and mooned the photographer.

This flock of Canada Geese looks like a formation of fighter planes…the Royal Canada Goose Force. (That was a pretty bad pun!)

More cold weather photos coming soon.

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