Snowy Owls

There are two Snowy Owls being observed near the mouth of the Merrimack River that seem to have set up winter residence in the area. I took these pictures near the main parking lot of a state park. We were looking at one owl that was sitting on the railing of the boardwalk from an adjacent lot to the beach. Then we spotted the second owl in the grass next to the lot we were in. We had to move back once we noticed it since we were too close to it for it’s comfort.

The owl on the railing appears to be a female or an immature owl since it has heavy barring.

The Snowy Owl’s bright yellow eyes aren’t easy to see in the pictures above, but can easily been seen in the next pictures.

The photos of the owl in the grass capture a less picturesque, but more realistic, view of these excellent predators. We never spotted what it had captured but it was likely a gull since gulls hang out in the parking area in large numbers. This owl may be a young male as it looks like he is beginning to lose some of the barring. Older males can be all white.

Someone who had just arrived on the scene got a little too close and the owl reacted as you can see in the second picture. The person moved back and the owl was able to return to his meal.

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