More Ducks in the Cold

And now for the rest of the ducks.

I returned to a nearby lake after photographing the Goldeneye in my previous post ( There was still a large area of open water but the ducks congregated on one end of the lake. Several species were mingled together. These are Hooded Mergansers (top: male and bottom: female) showing the fan shaped crest that give them their name.

There were a few Common Mergansers around as well.

All Mergansers have a long narrow beak with serrated edges for catching and holding fish. Both types are together in the photo.

I captured this female American Wigeon as she flew in to join the Mergansers.

These are Greater Scaup with their bluish bills.

The following are some mixed groups. The first includes a non-duck though. It’s an American Coot swimming with a Ring-necked Duck. There is a very faint ring on the duck’s neck but I think it would be more appropriate to call it a “Ring-billed Duck”.

This shot includes a Northern Pintail (white stripe along the neck), a female Mallard and two Ring-necked Ducks.

And finally, this is a Ring-necked Duck and American Wigeon with a pair of male Mallards.

We’re having a snowstorm that will be followed by a really frigid cold snap. Then it will be time to search for more interesting birds.

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