Some Final 2021 Photos

These are some photos that I took as 2021 was winding down. I’m doing some housekeeping before archiving my 2021 photographs while I wait out some snow and frigid weather. It’s 9F (-13C) today. My camera works at -20F. I don’t. Here are some pictures that caught my eye.

One of the birds we look for at this time of year is the Horned Lark. I photographed these in the dunes on the southern end of Plum Island. You can just make out the tufts of feathers that make the “horns” in the second picture.

Sparrows are hard to identify sometimes but the White-throated Sparrow is pretty easy. Just look for the white throat and the yellow lores.

This Cooper’s Hawk decided to perch near my feeders. He had no luck that morning. He sat for a while until he noticed me taking his photograph. It was quite a while after he left before the birds returned to the feeders.

Northern Harriers have set up residence near the marshes at Salisbury State Reservation in Massachusetts. I have seen at least one on every trip.

White-rumped Sandpipers were being observed late into the season. They have since headed for warmer places. You can see how they got their name in this picture.

I caught this Red-throated Loon in mid-stretch.

There has to be a pirate (Gull) story to end the year. We were observing ducks near the entrance to Gloucester harbor when several of them took to the air. I was able to get a quick photo of the Bald Eagle that flew over and caused a panic.

It flew over the sea wall and suddenly reappeared as it was being pursued by some Great Black-backed Gulls. Pirates can be quite bold!

Onward into 2022.

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