We do see other Terns on rare occasions, but the resident Terns are the Common Tern and the Least Tern. Both breed along our coast. Least Terns nest in the same beach areas as the Piping Plovers on and near Plum Island. The smaller Least Tern has a yellow bill with a black tip and a white forehead.

The males bring a fish to attract a female. It’s their version of flowers, chocolates and jewelry. This guy has an especially large fish. He’s really smitten!

The Common Tern is larger and has a red-orange bill with a black tip. They have a complete black cap.

These are two Common Terns on the beach. It looks like they are having a discussion. Maybe they are arguing about who’s the greatest quarterback?

Migration has pretty much come to a close but there are lots of residents to photograph. More of them coming soon.

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