Spring Sparrows

Sparrows may seem to be a bit nondescript but they are more than little brown birds. These are some arriving sparrows that have been sighted in the past week. They all have a distinctive look.

Field Sparrows are a small sparrow with a pinkish beak and pinkish legs.

The Savannah Sparrow is a bit larger and has prominent streaking and a yellow band over its eye.

This Swamp Sparrow came out into the open long enough to be photographed. It has a rusty cap, gray cheeks and shoulders, a black line running back from the eye and a reddish patch on its wings.

The White-throated Sparrow has a bit of yellow over the eye like the Savannah Sparrow but has a plain breast and a bright white throat patch.

It’s hard to think of an Eastern Towhee as a sparrow, but it is. It is a very colorful member of the family. They usually stay deep in the undergrowth and forage among the leaf litter. This male came out to see where his mate had gone.

Next…Busy Warblers

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