Early Warblers

Warblers are arriving. These are some of the first I have seen. The first few pictures are representative of what it is like to pursue Warblers. Warblers (and Vireos, Gnatcatchers, Kinglets) are very active and stay in the foliage as they look for insects to sustain them on their long journeys. As a result, most photographs are blurs, branches, bird butts and birds only partially visible. But this is what we see through our binoculars. A lot of identifications are built up like a puzzle as we piece together bits of the bird that visible at a given moment.

These are some typical views starting with a Yellow-rumped Warbler. A glimpse of the facial pattern and yellow on the shoulder is enough to identify it.

This a Norther Perula that is more interested in finding a meal than posing so we have quick glimpses of the bird. The eye ring, general color pattern and wing bars are what we look for.

This Yellow Warbler managed to keep a branch or some leaves between it and the camera but it cannot hide it’s identity.

This is not a Warbler. But Kinglets are also foliage hunters and flit around quickly in the foliage. This is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet peaking out of the leaves.

But sometimes the birds are kind and give we poor watchers and photographers a break. These Yellow Warblers took a bit of time out of their busy schedule to pose on a branch and on a rock in a small stream.

This is a Black and White Warbler that crossed a small open area as it searched for prey just long enough for a clear shot.

More sightings on the way…shorebirds.

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