Some Early May Birds

We’ve had some cold windy days, followed by a rainy period. The big migration push hasn’t started but there are some scattered sightings so we are hoping for a busy few weeks. In the meantime, here are some birds that have been around.

This is a Raven flying through a very cloudy sky. The big beak and wedge shaped tail are key identifiers. You can’t miss that “Roman nose” look.

There are a lot of Chipping Sparrows around. I have a few visiting my backyard. It’s a small sparrow with a black eye stripe and a rusty cap. This one was taking a bath in a handy puddle.

Yellowlegs are still coming through the area. The extra long beak on this one identifies it as a Greater Yellowlegs.

There were Dunlins nearby. The droopy beak is easy to spot.

Brown-headed Cowbirds are not a particular favorite with most people. They lay their eggs in the nests of other birds. The victimized adoptive parents often lose their brood and end up raising the intruders. Nature isn’t always pretty.

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