More Early Migration

The first warblers have appeared. These advance scouts foreshadow the main migration in May. These are some photographs from this still early migration season.

One of the two early warblers is this Pine Warbler. We hear more of them than we see.

The other warbler that we have seen lately is the Palm Warbler. The rusty cap is good for a quick ID. They feed close to the ground, and this one found a nice fat ant in the leaves.

White-throated Sparrows stick to the underbrush for the most part. I managed to get a glimpse of this one as it hopped around in a tangle of branches.

There are always some ducks around, even though a lot have moved north or inland. This is a pair of Blue-winged Teal. The position and shape of the white patch on the male’s face is distinctive.

American Black Ducks, aka Marsh Ducks, are resident birds. But I had to put them in this post even if they aren’t migrating.

Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs are passing though on their way north. It is pretty hard to tell which is which unless they are standing next to each other or calling. But I think this is a Greater based on the flank markings.

I have seen more Brown Creepers this spring than I have ever seen before. Some species of birds experience irruptions, or sudden bursts in population density. I’m not sure if Creepers have irruptive behavior but this could be the case.

I’m keeping an eye out for more warblers and other migrants.

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