Busy Airspace

Everyone is watching for the spring arrivals and the migrants who stop to rest before continuing their trips. We are also getting our last looks at the wintering ducks that are disappearing as they migrate north to breed. These pictures are from Plum Island Sound on the southern end of the island. All the birds seemed to be in motion that day, going in and out of the sound. This is part of a large flock of Common Eider flying by the Great Neck area of Ipswich Massachusetts.

Three immature Eiders from the flock.

I’m sure there were others around, but this female Long-tailed Duck was the only one I spotted. She has that Egyptian eye makeup look that female Wood Ducks sport as well.

These next two photos are a Black Scoter heading out of the Sound and two White-winged Scoters going in.

Some Red-breasted Mergansers were also flying into the Sound. That long, lean look is easy to spot.

I did see one new arrival in the Sound. He’s hoping the winter residents vacate the area soon so he can have all the fish to himself. The number of Double-crested Cormorants is increasing rapidly as spring progresses.

Next – more migrants, including early Warblers.

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