Sunny October Morning

These photographs were taken on a beautiful New England October morning. The sun was bright. The sky was a brilliant blue. And the wind was unusually calm despite the proximity to the ocean. The conditions turned the surface of the water in the pannes into a mirror.

No. There isn’t a second flock of sandpipers flying upside down in this photo!

The smaller birds fled the pannes when a Peregrine Falcon flew in to try to catch breakfast. I took this photo as it flew back over the water for a second try.

Meanwhile, other birds were foraging around in the small trees and bushes across the road from the pannes. There was a pair of Golden-crowned Kinglets flitting around, making it hard for we photographers to get a clear shot. I managed to get these out of a lot of blurry and missed photos. The first is a female with a a solid yellow crest. There is a bit of orange in the crest of the second bird so it is a male. These small and very active little birds often appear to have no neck.

Later in the morning we spotted a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. The red crest is hard to spot since they keep hidden unless they are excited.

I like these pictures of a Greater Yellowlegs in flight and an Eastern Phoebe pausing in the hunt for insects.

We scanned the ocean to see if there were any signs of ducks or loons moving in for the winter. These White-winged Scoters flying well offshore over the swells are a harbinger of what is to come along with the cold weather.

3 thoughts on “Sunny October Morning

  1. To be honest, I thought it was one flock of birds until I cropped the photo and saw what was really happening. Before that I had just glanced at it and just made the assumption. The water was a perfect mirror.


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