Warblers and Sparrows

Here are some more Warbler and Sparrow pictures from the past week or so. A few of these birds will stay for the winter but most are just passing through.

Yellow-rumped Warblers are still the most common species we are seeing. I saw dozens of them in a 2 hour walk.

Is this one listening for something or peeking under a leaf?

There were two Palm Warblers among all the Yellow-rumps.

I still have trouble with Sparrow identifications and get a second or even third opinion in many cases. See for yourself. The names are under the pictures.

This Dark-eyed Junco is a member of the sparrow family. But not the “little brown bird” branch!

Juncos are just starting to move into the area and a few have been at my feeder. They move down from the mountains for the winter so they are a sign of what’s coming my way in month or so.

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