Recent Sightings

Some recent sightings include the Yellow-rumped Warbler. This warbler has been by far the most common warbler I have seen this fall. These pictures were taken in an old orchard that is now open space being preserved for walkers and wildlife.

Sparrows are a common bird and they tend to be lumped into one thing, a sparrow. But there are many varieties. The top sparrow is a White-throated Sparrow. The bottom two are Savannah Sparrows.

The House Sparrow is widespread and numerous. They are highly adapted to living near humans and are always found close to farms, houses, etc. It is not a native species in North America or Asia but was introduced from Europe. The first flock was brought to New York City from England in the 1850s to control a caterpillar. It is still referred to as an English Sparrow in the US even though the official name is House Sparrow. This is a young or non-breeding male and doesn’t have the full black bib on the throat and upper chest.

One thing all of these birds need to worry about is this bird. The Cooper’s Hawk, along with the smaller but very similar Sharp-shinned Hawk, is an accomplished bird hunter. It’s shape and long tail make it fast and agile enough to chase down smaller birds, even through the trees. Both are visitors to bird feeders but not for the seeds.

We are in the best season for New England, fall. The September and October weather has been fantastic for any outdoor activity. The next post will have some photos from an early, very sunny morning.

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