2020 Finale – Other Campground Birds

Continuing on in the State Reservation campgrounds, here are some more sightings.

Black-capped Chickadees are the Massachusetts state bird, and for good reason. They live here year round and tough it out with us through the winters. They are active, bold, a bit sassy and one of our favorite birds.

There were several species of sparrows on the campgrounds. This is a Tree Sparrow.

The Northern Mockingbird is another year round resident. This one was poking around in a cedar tree for berries.

Lapland Longspurs winter here but aren’t very common so it is a nice day when you get to spot one. This one was especially photogenic. I was photographing ducks from the top of the boat ramp near the campgrounds when I happened to look down. This guy was almost on my foot. I took several photos and some were blurry simply because he was too close for my long lens to focus on him!

Next up, the final post for 2020…on the river.

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