2020 Finale – Crossbills and Buntings

This is first of a few posts to close out 2020. And if there ever was year to close out, 2020 is it.

Every few years, when the pine cones are extra plentiful, Crossbills flock to our area. The campgrounds at the Salisbury State Reservation are a popular spot for them. They are somewhat rare here so they attract bird watchers and photographers from all around. These are Red Crossbills and have beaks that cross over each other, hence the name. They use these to open pine cones to get the seeds, hanging upside down in order to get under the scales. The males are reddish colored but the females are a shade of green.

There has also been a large flock of Snow Buntings in residence. They seem to spend as much time in the air as they do on the ground. It’s an impressive sight when about 100 of them swirl around.

Next: Other Campground Birds

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