2020 Finale – On the River

There has been no end of interesting subjects on the Merrimack River this winter. And not just ducks. Seals like to sun themselves on the rocks near the mouth of the river. I really think that they are watching us on the opposite shore. They may be wondering how we survive the cold without blubber!

The most common ducks at the river mouth are Black Scoters and Eiders. These Eiders were flying past the Scoters as the came in from the ocean.

Although fewer in number, White-winged Scoters are mixed in with the hundreds of Black Scoters.

You will almost always catch sight of Long-tailed Ducks zipping up and down the river even if you only watch for five minutes. They fly fast and flap furiously.

Other birds on the river include Canada Goose, Red-throated Loon and Great Black-backed Gull.

This Bald Eagle was a impressive sight as it flew over the river. “Impressed” isn’t what the ducks were feeling though.

I’ll be gathering some new photos to post in 2021 in the coming week. Hopefully there will some nice ones to start off what we all wish will turn out to be a much happier year.

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