Gull and Crab

A more accurate title would be “Gull vs Crab” but I like this one. “Gull and Crab” sounds like a good name for a pub. Maybe one near the waterfront with gulls filling in for pirates. The following sequence of photos show a gull trying to “prepare” a crab for a snack. Those claws are a bit of an impediment to swallowing. As for the pirate reference, the gull probably snatched the crab from a diving duck or a loon. And borrowing from the History Guy on YouTube, “Don’t all good stories involve pirates?” I did not capture the somewhat gruesome finale since the gull flew off with his prize. I have seen gulls drop shellfish from a height onto a hard surface to break them open and I fear this crab suffered that fate.

2 thoughts on “Gull and Crab

  1. I love your written introduction. The pictures are a great example of having your images tell a story. It’s a shame the talent didn’t stick around for the finale.


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