November Sightings, Part 1

Bird photography has been a bit challenging for me this month. The days I get out with my camera have generally been overcast, foggy or rainy. My low light photography skills need some work so I guess I can’t complain about getting practice. These are some shots that I managed to get in between the clouds and fog. And a couple that turned out okay despite the lighting. First up, sightings away from the shore.

If you have ever been sent on a snipe hunt, this is what you were allegedly searching for.

The wooded area around my house is open with little undergrowth. This Fox Sparrow, the first ever near my house, prefers more dense growth so it was a nice surprise to see it near my feeders.

Ducks on inland ponds…

Also on inland water, a Belted Kingfisher. Its “hair” matches the damp, dark morning. Definitely was a bad hair day.

And in the trees and on a roof…

These last two were taken on one of the few sunny days I was out. Even the birds seemed happier.

The next posting will be birds along the shore.

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