The Harlequin is that well-known medieval comic character attired in a brightly colored costume. There is a brightly colored duck named after the Harlequin that winters off the New England coast. And it is a favorite visitor for all duck fans. There were large numbers of Harlequin Ducks at Cape Ann, Massachusetts this week and I was able to get a lot of photos. These are some that I hope convey the striking appearance of these small ducks. They forage close to shore, diving in the surf as it breaks against the rocks. One wonders how they survive! But they do get close enough for photos.

Ducks continually flew into and out of the water just below the bluff I was on, giving me the opportunity to capture them in action.

Here’s a pair doing a synchronized landing.

This male was showing off for nearby females by “running” along the surface.

The whole landing sequence…

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