November Sightings, Part 2

Moving from the inland areas to the shore. A few shorebirds stay along the coast all winter here but most migrate through as they head for the southern US, Caribbean or Central and South America. This Black-bellied Plover and these White-rumped Sandpipers are migrants who have lingered a bit. The Dunlin toughs it out with the rest of us New Englanders and stays for the winter.

I caught this Double-crested Cormorant doing its take off run. These will also be gone soon.

Diving ducks and loons spend the winter along our shores. Here is a Common Loon that has grabbed a small crab for breakfast.

Common Eiders have shown up in great numbers to spend the winter. They are mostly known for the down collected from their nests. And the beak running up the forehead is unique.

Northern Gannets are typically spotted diving for fish far offshore. We can only identify them by the way they dive, their shape and, if they get close enough for a good look in a scope, the black wing tips . But every now and then they come in close to shore for a photo op.

We had a windy, but sunny day today. The wind seemed to diminish the bird activity a bit but I had some nice sightings. I will have some photos from Cape Ann (Gloucester and Rockport MA) coming soon.

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