Mid-July: On the Water

Shorebirds start to migrate through our coastal area this time of year. And new duck families appear. I photographed some of the new arrivals in the past week.

Semi-palmated Sandpipers are common:

The Killdeers (left) breed here. The Least Sandpiper in the foreground on the right is somewhat common.

These photos of a Sanderling in breeding plumage came out nicely despite being taken in a fog! Sanderlings are the little shorebirds that run along the edge of water and dodge the incoming waves.

Short-billed Dowitchers:

American Black Ducks are very common on the Parker River Refuge.

A flyover by an Osprey did not seem to bother the shorebirds. They apparently recognize it as a fisherman, not a hunter. Shorebirds take off immediately at any sign of a hawk, eagle or falcon.

These two egrets look like they are hanging out and chatting about the weather. The little one is a Snowy Egret. The big one is a Great Egret.

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