Green Heron on the Wing

This is a one bird show for a change. We got a good look at a Green Heron that not only perched in full view, but also flew several loops around us. He wasn’t distressed by our presence in the area so we knew we weren’t close to a nesting area. And we were standing on a dirt road with a fair amount of traffic. It wasn’t likely that a bird would nest close by.

It was cloudy and overcast so the colors are somewhat muted. But these birds are usually crouched down in the swamp where they stalk fish and frogs. If you get views like this, you shoot!

He was perched on a dead tree stump in the swamp when we first spotted him. He perched on a thinner branch in between his flyovers.

He flew a big loop pattern high over the swamp. He made several loops before landing and perching before taking off for another set of loops.

And here are some more in flight photos.

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