July Heat at Martin Burns WMA

I went to the Martin Burns Wildlife Management Area in Byfield MA this morning (7/9). It was a hot and humid morning, 77F (25C) rising to 85F (29C) while I was out. The birds were pretty sparse and stayed in the brush and deep in the canopy for the most part. The flies were plentiful though. Maybe it says something about me that I was the only person in a 1555 acre area all morning.

There were a lot of Robins and Song Sparrows. This is a young Robin with a spotted chest rather than the adult red breast.

Brown-headed Cowbirds were out in the open in a few places. But Eastern Towhees were pretty much invisible. You could hear them everywhere but they stayed out of sight. One female/juvenile did poke out a bush at point though.

The prettiest birds I spotted were Cedar Waxwings. Nice color scheme! I also spotted a beautiful Indigo Bunting but he was too quick for me to get a photo.

Other creatures did make up for the lack of birds though. I had close encounters with an Eastern Cottontail and a Mink.

More non-avians were an Eastern Garter Snake and an Eastern Box Turtle.

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