Winter Resident – Purple Sandpiper

I couldn’t get out this week due to other commitments and rainy weather. I did take advantage of the break to continue cleaning up the files from 2022. This provided a chance to revisit some nice finds. These photos were taken last March and a couple of the pictures appeared in a post back then.

Purple Sandpipers spend the winter in rocky shore areas from the Canadian Maritimes down to the Mid-Atlantic coast of the US. They seem to enjoy being right at the very edge of the surf. They can also blend in the rocks and are difficult to spot unless they move around. It sometimes seems as if they appear by magic as you carefully scan and begin to pick more and more of them out in a spot where there were none just a minute ago.

The surf does not bother them at all as evidenced by this one strolling along the rocks.

This one just shook off the dunking he got.

These were taking a break from the wind and surf.

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