Winter Ducks II

More ducks that visit me in the winter. These were photographed the same morning as those in the previous post.

These are two the three types of Scoters, a type of sea duck, that winter on our shores. First is a pair of White-winged Scoters. The adult male has the brighter beak and white mark behind the eye. The immature male lacks the white patch and has a dark bill. Both show a little bit of the white wing patch that gives them their name. It is a large, highly visible patch when they fly.

There is no mistaking the colorful beak of a male Surf Scoter!

The largest sea ducks in the northern hemisphere are Common Eiders. They winter along the shores of northern Europe as well as North America. Their claim to fame, in addition to size, is their insulating down that is collected from nesting sites. The males are black and white with a bit of yellowish tint on the neck. The females are reddish brown. I think their warm brown color outdoes the male. It isn’t as flamboyant but it is a nice coloration.

Here an immature Long-tailed Duck flies past a female Eider.

Buffleheads are a favorite duck here in the winter. This male’s pink webbed feet help slow him down for landing.

3 thoughts on “Winter Ducks II

  1. Thanks for posting this – I always enjoy your posts and agree with Dave about the Surf Scoter. Although that male Black Scoter is pretty great too, and as we discussed, a gorgeous duck.


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