Migrants – Kinglets

Migration is slowing down but some birds are still making their way through my area. Kinglets have appeared in past post but they are an interesting little bird so I am happy to post about them again. They are very active, tiny birds. They are only about 4 inches (10 cm) long. They hunt for small insects hiding in the foliage. I was able to catch this Golden-crowned Kinglet as it briefly came into view.

One of the Ruby-crowned Kinglets was more cooperative and did a bit of posing. The red patch on the head is not visible since they only flash it when excited.

He appears to notice the ladybug on the nearby leaf but doesn’t grab it. Maybe he is thinking about whether it is too much for his tiny beak to handle. Did he look at me to ask what I thought about it?

I guess he decided to look for some smaller, softer prey since he left it alone.

And off he goes to check out another branch.

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