Late Season Osprey

Seeing an Osprey this far north in November is unusual. So is the the temperature today: 75F/24C. The first photograph in this post is not one I would normally post but it is part of a story. I was with a group looking for ducks on a large reservoir when we startled by an unexpected Osprey flying close to us with a very large fish. I barely had time to react and could not get it entirely in frame. This is the Osprey just before he unfortunately dropped his catch.

The following photos were shot as he circled around looking for his lost prize. I don’t think I could post a translation of what he was saying on a family-friendly site!

I think he looks a bit crest fallen here.

Two more photos from when he was circling around us…

There is more to the story. I am not sure he would have been able to keep his fish even if he hadn’t dropped it. There was a Bald Eagle flying high overhead and even though it was probably hunting ducks, it would not hesitate to steal a fish from an Osprey.

The turf war scenario was complete when two Red-tailed Hawks flew in to keep an eye on the eagle. Predators are very wary of other predators in their area.

It was quite an action filled morning!

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