Migrants – A Variety

My walks are becoming even more interesting as more birds migrate through the area. These photographs are from a pleasant walk on a cool early fall morning.

We are on the very northernmost edge of the winter range of the Yellow-rumped Warbler and may see a few even in the winter. These photographs are of immature birds coming down from the areas where they were born…their first migration.

This one seems a bit pensive. Wonder what he is pondering.

This House Wren is grabbing a bite before heading south.

This is a Red-eyed Vireo. But it has brown eyes since it is a juvenile and only the adults have the red eye color. This long range migrant needs to fuel up for a really long trip to the Amazon Basin in South America. That’s a lot of flying!

This is another bird that is heading for South America. Swainson’s Thrushes are not easy to spot. It seems that all the Thrushes are pretty shy, except for the American Robin. Our Robin is named after, but not related to, the European Robin. They are all over suburban lawns in the summer. This Swainson’s Thrush is harder to find though.

The Eastern Phoebe is a flycatcher and needs to move south where the insects stay active through the winter. They are easy to spot as they sit and wag their tails up and down while they perch.

There were lots of birds to see that morning, including flocks of Bluebirds, Cardinals and more. And I had fly-over by a resident Red-tailed Hawk.

Up next: photographs from another successful outing that had lots of activity.

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