Migrants – Warblers

It has been a quiet few weeks but Wood Warblers and other passerines are starting to come through our area in greater numbers. Spring and fall migration are quite different. The birds are in breeding plumage in the spring and arrive in bursts of big mixed flocks. They are heading for their breeding areas and want to win mates and establish nests as soon as possible. In the fall, the plumage is more subdued and the birds seem to trickle through in a more leisurely fashion. The following are among the first Warblers I was able photograph this season.

The Black and White Warbler climbs up, down and along trunks and limbs searching for insects in the tree bark. This one was deep in the foliage and it took some software magic to pull out a clear picture from the shadows.

He doesn’t seem happy about being photographed in that last picture.

This is a Tennessee Warbler.

And finally, one of my favorites…the Common Yellowthroat. The males always make me think “Zorro!” They lurk in the foliage and it is hard to get a good look as they flit around.

I have been seeing a lot more migrants and more photos are on the way.

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