The American Avocet that should be in New Mexico, Colorado or somewhere else on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains has spent the entire summer at one spot in the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. It has been mingling with the Yellowlegs for so long that it seems to be part of the flock. Did they adopt it? Did it adopt them? Probably not, but shorebirds seem to naturally flock together so it isn’t so odd to see the association. There is safety in numbers after all.

These were taken when a mixed flock of birds left one shore of the pool and shifted to another. I took advantage of the situation to capture the Avocet flying with a couple of friends. It’s with a Lesser Yellowlegs in the first photo. They are joined by a little Semipalmated Sandpiper in the next. The last photo is a solo portrait of the Avocet.

We are sort of hoping that it enjoyed its visit so much that it will come back with friends next year.

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