Not Warblers

Warbler migration is extremely popular among bird watchers and photographers. There can even be traffic issues around well known sites. There is a short period in the spring, mostly mid-to-late May, where large numbers of Warblers in colorful breeding plumage appear. This makes for a frenetic time. But there are other birds migrating and residing here. These are a few of them.

The Rose-breasted Grosbeak and Baltimore Oriole are a colorful sight after a drab winter and early spring.

This is a Fish Crow. It is almost identical to the more common American Crow and for all practical purposes, the only way to tell them apart in the field is their call unless they are next to each other. There is a slight difference in the color and size.

I mentioned how different a Willet looks on the ground than when it is in flight. These photos illustrate.

And finally, some Ruby-throated Hummingbird shots taken at my feeder. The first one is very unusual. Two females ended up on the feeder and after a staring contest, drank their fill and left. Normally, one bird will not allow the other to be anywhere in sight of the feeder. They returned about 10 minutes later and it was a donnybrook as one chased the other all over the yard. I caught one of them in flight.

Next, I’m working photographs from an overcast and slightly foggy morning that featured lots of Warblers. It may be a two-part posting!

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