Some Warblers

May is the time when Warblers migrate into and through our area in great numbers. This attracts large numbers of birdwatchers as well. This is a long post but has a selection of the Warblers I have spotted in the past week.

This is a Yellow Warbler that I caught in the open and a photo that is more representative of what we see as he shyly peeks out of the foliage.

Birds are highly vocal at this time of year. Once they have established territories and are nesting, they quiet down. This is a Black and White Warbler belting out his buzzy song.

A Northern Perula vocalizing….

Blue-winged Warblers breed here. The black slash through the eye is distinctive.

This is a very hard to spot Ovenbird. Their name derives from their nests that are built on the forest floor and look like a Dutch oven.

An American Redstart vocalizing….

This is a Black-throated Green Warbler.

The most common Warbler we have seen in the past week is, by far, the Yellow-rumped Warbler. You can see the source of his name in the second photo. He also has a little bracelet courtesy of one of the banding programs that track these and other migrants.

Next…Not Warblers.

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