A Gathering of Predators

There was a Northern Harrier perched not far off the entrance road to the Salisbury State Reservation. It was a harbinger of things to come.

There was a Snowy Owl sitting near the creek, just a little way from the boat ramp parking lot. It was relaxing and preening after finishing the catch he had made earlier.

And yes, owls can swivel their heads really far. He is looking back over his left shoulder and that is the back of his head.

The remains of his meal attracted a Northern Harrier and it dropped in to finish the leftovers.

However, another Northern Harrier spotted the free meal too. Chaos ensued and I am not sure which one won out.

The owl looked amused at the kerfuffle.

But there was more. A mature Bald Eagle was hunting along the river on the other side of the boat ramp lot.

This wasn’t a good morning for the ducks in the river and creek near the boat ramp.

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