Some Mid-summer Birds

These are some photographs taken as July winds down. No specific theme, just some photos that I like.

Tree Swallows are beginning to gather in large flocks before migrating south. They seem to be starting a bit earlier every year. These are pictures of individuals but I will posting some photos of the large flocks at some point.

I snapped some quick shots of a small bird flying across the beach. It turned out to be a Semipalmated Plover.

Double-crested Cormorants are everywhere. This one snatched a small fish for a snack.

And this one is just taking flight. His feathers look a bit ragged so maybe he is just finishing up a molt.

A Herring Gull having a crab lunch.

And a squadron of Great Egrets.

Moving away from the water, here are a young Rose-breasted Grosbeak (enjoying a berry) and an Indigo Bunting,

Song Sparrows are sort of plain in appearance but do have a nice voice!

This is a Least Sandpiper poking though the marsh. I always look for the yellow-green legs to make the ID.

The prolific rainfall this month made things pretty tough at one of my usual spots. The trail was partially flooded and there were clouds of mosquitoes. I saw very few birds in the 40 minutes that I braved the conditions but this one I spotted as I was close to leaving salvaged the trip. I was able to get a shot of a Great Horned Owl through a small window in all the bushes and trees between me and him. He left before I could maneuver for a clearer look but he’s impressive even with the branches in front of him.

2 thoughts on “Some Mid-summer Birds

  1. What a nice variety! The Song Sparrows often look plain, but your close-up lets me see how interesting their feathers really are.


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